Deploy the Action to Your Location!

boy in scopeTactical Laser Tag combines the fast-paced action of paintball with mission-oriented, first-person shooter video games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare.  The result is a uniquely challenging sport that’s simple enough for anyone to play, yet versatile enough to keep even seasoned veterans on their toes. Mobile laser tag can be played indoors or outdoors, daylight or dark night, any time of the year.

Players are armed with a tactical laser tag gun that incorporates technology used by our military for battlefield training. The weight, look, range and features of these guns are similar to their real-life counterparts. Players belong to teams that compete against each other to complete missions. The missions range in difficulty and complexity, from simple missions (such as Team Elimination, where the only objective is to defeat all players on the opposing team) to more complex missions (such as VIP Escort and Bomb Deactivation.)  Tactical Laser Tag brings the intense action of video games and movies into the real world in a safe and healthy activity that’s fun for all ages.



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